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Announcement: Our Quarterly Market Reports Are Now Available By Subscription!

Reports that were once only available to our portfolio investors are now being offered to the public!

Duckridge Realty Advisors is now offering our comprehensive quarterly market reports in an effort to help educate during these trying times. The reports will give bankers, investors, and policymakers access to data to help navigate the commercial real estate industry and economy. Our market cycle framework uses forward-looking data points to help determine potential market movements and help indentify risks in the marketplace. We track the markets so you don't have to. We analyze the data and give our narrative summaries to outline both risks and opportunities. Our macro-economic framework includes:


Forecasted New Orders

Corporate Profits


Supplementary Indicators

Commercial real estate is also local! Our metropolitan statistical area gives state and local data on employment, population growth, and key employer earnings allowing you to understand how shifts at the local level can affect demand. The report includes (1) MSA of your choosing; however additional MSA's can be added.

Finally we offer all commercial real estate assets and track both the national and local outlook in regards to vacancy rates, absorption trends, new supply, gap analysis, and movements in asking rates and concessions. Our quarterly report includes (1) commercial asset type of your choosing; however additional assets can be purchased.

We are excited to offer our expertise to the masses! If you would like a complimentary Q2 sample report, simply email us at and we will forward along.

Also, subscriptions can be purchased by going to the shop page.

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