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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management consists of high level decision-making for the analysis  of commercial real estate properties.  Our aim is to help drive our client-partner's investment strategy based upon short and long-term goals.

Asset Management

Asset management drives the decision-making progress for each of the property individually within a portfolio.  Our goals include maximizing the value and returns of the property while identifying and minimizing asset-level risk.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

We utilize a proven strategic analysis model to locate, analyze, and close on assets that assist in fulfilling your portfolio goals. 

Whether you are buying your first property or are a seasoned investor, our custom-tailored investment approach means incorporating risk, debt structuring, and future tax implications.

Lease Administration

Our corporate services focus on streamlining your real estate operations so you can focus on growing your business.  

Duckridge becomes your trusted in-house real estate department, equipped to provide leasing, puchasing, and advisory services to save your business time and money.  We specialize in industrial, retail and office assets.

syndications and investments


Occasionally we will offer commercial real estate investments based upon superior returns and long-term hold criteria.  

These offerings are for accredited investors only.  This is not a solicitation for an investment, merely offering for additional information.  Click below to contact us.

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receivership Services

Receivers are a court-appointed neutral trustee that allows creditors to recover funds due to them.  We focus on professional asset management services to stabilize the property until a solution is found.

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