Our Services

Our Services

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management consists of high-level decision-making for the analysis of commercial real estate properties. Our aim is to help drive our client-partner’s investment strategy based upon short and long-term goals.
Questions we ask revolve around risk assessment within the portfolio, whether or not we have achieved yield targets, and how the cashflows work together to increase portfolio value.

Asset Management

Asset management drives the decision-making process for each of the properties individually within a portfolio. Our goals include maximizing the value of each individual property, maximizing the returns of each property, and minimizing the asset-level risk on each property.
We tackle leasing, capital improvements, budgeting and reporting so that our client-partners can spend time on family, business and the things that are important to them.


Our acquisitions team utilizes a proven strategic analysis model to locate, analyze, and close on assets that assist in fulfilling your long-term portfolio goals. Expert negotiating skills ensure a quality asset at a quality price.
Whether you are buying your first property or are a seasoned investor, our custom-tailored investment approach means incorporating risk, debt structuring, and future tax implications.


Every investment has its life cycle and there comes a time when it should be sold or traded. Whether the investment objectives have been achieved, debt is due, or even if cost recovery has been exhausted, there comes a time when professional marketing and disposition services are needed. Our team will work within critical timelines and develop a customized marketing approach that will increase the return on investment.
We utilize our depth of analyses and network of professionals to create demand and ensure a smooth transaction.